We Want “EZ” ATM Theft Suspects Identified

A call to the great citizens of Dallas. The Dallas Police Department is asking for your assistance to help identify ATM theft suspects.

On March 4, 2016, at approximately 1:30 a.m., the EZ Mart convenience store located at 2910 Ft. Worth Avenue was burglarized and the ATM was taken. The entire offense was captured on surveillance video. The video showed a blue Dodge Ram truck pull into the parking lot and back up to the front of the business. Two males exit the vehicle and proceed to cut locks with a power tool. The males then used a pry bar to gain entry into the business. Once inside, one male ties a chain around the ATM and the other male uses the vehicle to dislodge the ATM from the ground. The ATM was picked up and placed into the rear of the truck. At that time, the two males flee the location in the vehicle. 

Persons with any information regarding this offense or the identity of these suspects are asked to contact Detective Anderson of the Major Crimes Unit at 214-671-4342. Please see posted video.