Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown Announces Deployment of New Task Forces

There has been an increase in violent crimes in most large cities across the country.  In the city of Dallas, violent crime is up 22%, more specifically, homicides are up over 80% driven by domestic violence and drug related homicides.

The overall crime which includes both violent and property crimes is up 6%.

This is unacceptable to the men and women of the Dallas Police Department. The protection of the whole community is our primary duty and responsibility, and we take this very seriously. 

Therefore, in response, we are bringing to bear the full force of the police department, in our efforts to save lives.

Strategically we will focus on the following:

Violent Crime Task Force ~ Officer deployments to geographic high volume violent crime areas

Domestic Violence Warrant Teams ~ Arresting domestic violence offenders expeditiously

Narcotic Drug Warrant Teams ~ Closing down drug houses and arresting drug dealers

Property Crime Task Force ~ Officer deployments to geographic high volume home burglary and car burglary areas

Community Policing 2.0 ~   Officer deployments from non-patrol bureau positions within the department to the field to assist with call answering and crime fighting

Foot patrols ~ Officer deployments to proactively walk in geographic high crime areas throughout the city to increase police presence

This strategy requires Dallas Police officers to adjust their normal schedules, assignments, and to significantly increase their work volume.  

Most importantly, we are asking our officers to make additional sacrifices and to continue to put their lives on the line to stave off violent crime and arrest violent criminals  in a year when officer deaths and injuries due to ambushes and assaults by suspects are on the rise in Dallas, North Texas, and throughout the country.

I ask that all citizens join me in praying for their safety as they take on this challenge each day to save lives.