When it comes to doing great work Dallas police officers are no strangers. Sometimes good work goes unrecognized, and of course officers often see these great works as just doing their job, but this one was brought to our attention by a grateful citizen who wanted the officers recognized.

image2Debbie Denmon was very appreciative  for the great police work by officers from the Central Patrol Division. Mrs. Denmon stated “Officer Jenny Nance took my police report and the rest is history.”image1

Mrs Denmon called to alert the department on how grateful she was when officers recovered her stolen vehicle.  In her own words that she posted on social media, “Kudos to DPD for arresting two teens who stole my silver sports car from home. Suspects were in custody within two hours after 911 call. Central Division rocks, days Crime Response Team officers in Dallas are heroes! #DPDROCKS #TEENSINTROUBLE.” Two teens were arrested in relation to the car theft.

Great job Central officers, continue the exemplary work. It’s just like Mrs. Denmon says: the Dallas Police Department Rocks.