Community Awareness Bulletin: Arrest of Suspect in Attempt Unlawful Restraint

Paul McDonnold

On April 14, 2016, at approximately 3:30 p.m., the Dallas Police Department arrested Paul McDonnold, a white, male, 70 years of age, for 2 counts of Attempt Unlawful Restraint, a Class A misdemeanor.  Mr.  McDonnold attempted to lure two (2) 11 year old females into his vehicle while they were walking home from school in the 2200 block of Gross Road. This offense is reported on Case Number 088624-2016. 

Mr.  McDonnold was placed in the Dallas County Jail for 2 counts of Attempt Unlawful Restraint, M/A, with a $2,500.00 bond on each charge. 

If you have any additional information about this suspect please contact Detective Woods-Romero at (214) 671-4213.