Quick Response Leads to a Felony Suspect Arrest


On April 19, 2016, at about 11:05 A.M., a 14 year old juvenile suspect entered the Jewelry Galore store in the 9200 block of E.R.L. Thornton Fwy. with his face covered by a mask and wearing a back pack.  The suspect pulled a large kitchen knife from his clothing and snuck up behind a female employee.  The suspect wrapped his arm around the employee’s neck and threatened her with the knife. The suspect attempted to sexually assault the employee however she pleaded with him not to and offered him the money in the register. The suspect stated that he did not want the money before finally stealing the money and fleeing the store.  The female employee was not injured during the attack.

Responding officers located the suspect walking with a gun in his hand and he was taken into custody. The gun in his hand turned out to be a BB gun.  A search of his back pack revealed a second BB gun, the large kitchen knife used in the offense, the money taken in the offense and a roll of duct tape.

The suspect was charged with Aggravated Robbery of a Business and Attempted Sexual Assault.