Murder Arrests from 3903 S. Ledbetter

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On  May 12, 2016, Jayona Jones, B/F 21, Raul Sanchez, L/M 31, Marino Sanchez, L/M 24, and Pedro Alarcon, L/M 26 conspired to commit a home invasion robbery at 3903 S. Ledbetter Rd. Arrestee Jones, who knew the victim, John Horton, W/M 61,  devised a plan for her to distract the victim, while Raul Sanchez and Marino Sanchez robbed the complainant at his residence. Arrestee Pedro Alarcon was present during the preparation and execution of the offense.   

At approximately 11:50 p.m., Arrestees Raul Sanchez and Marino Sanchez entered the victim’s residence with shotguns and there was an exchange of gunfire between the Arrestees and the victim. Arrestee Raul Sanchez and Marino Sanchez shot and killed the victim during the exchange of gunfire. Suspect Jones hid in the closet during the shooting and fled the location on foot.

Witness, known to the detective but whose identity won’ t be disclosed for his safety, heard the gunfire.  When the witness went outside, Arrestee Raul Sanchez pointed a shotgun at him. The witness then shot Arrestee Raul Sanchez, who died at the scene. Arrestee Marino Sanchez exited the residence with a shotgun, ran to and entered the suspect vehicle. While in the suspect vehicle, Arrestee Marino Sanchez pointed a shotgun at the witness, who shot at the suspect’s vehicle striking the vehicle and Arrestee Marino Sanchez. Arrestee Alarcon drove Arrestee Marino Sanchez from the offense location to a local ER facility. Patrol officers responded and were able to arrest  Alarcon, and Jones. Arrestee Marino Sanchez is currently being hospitalized at Parkland for the gunshot wounds he received and is being charged with Capital Murder. Arrestee’s Alarcon and Jones are in the Dallas County Jail for Capital Murder on a  $500, 000.00 bond.