Dallas Police Memorial 2016

The Dallas Police Memorial wall is a tribute to honor the fallen officers of the Dallas Police Department who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.  Unveiled in May of 2001, this magnificent landmark was commissioned by the Dallas Police Foundation and maintained through an endowment.  The memorial occupies a prominent site on parkland adjacent to City Hall in downtown Dallas.  The upper portion of the structure was designed to allow sunlight to stream through the steel plates on the underside, which bear the badge numbers of the fallen officers.  This allows the sun to shine through and project them onto the asphalt paving below. 


Today’s ceremony marks the 15th Anniversary at the Dallas Police Memorial site. This ceremony is to preserve the memories of the 80 officers who laid down their lives for the citizens of Dallas. It is also to pay respect to the families who also gave so much. Their memories and sacrifices will never be forgotten.

In recognizing our fallen comrades, we also honor the past and present men and women of the department who have worked tirelessly to provide a safe environment for the citizens of Dallas.