Dallas PAL and ASP of Dallas host Talent Show

On Saturday, June 25, 2016, the Dallas Police Activities League (PAL) and the All Stars Project of Dallas (ASP of Dallas) joined forces to host the All Stars Talent Show Network at Tasby Middle School in Vickery Meadow.  This event was dazzling with stars and celebrities of all ages.  These celebs may not be the ones we are accustom to seeing in Hollywood, but Instead were local participants from the Vickery Meadow area.   There were dancers, rappers, magicians, singers, and even an accordionist  performing their many talents amongst a multitude of family, friends, and spectators who filled the auditorium with cheers and screams.  

The All Star Project is a privately funded national nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform the lives of youth and poor communities by using the power of performance, in conjunction with caring adults.  Having the same mission in mind, the Dallas PAL and ASP of Dallas also entered into a formal partnership to creat a citywide police-community relations program.  “This partnership is one of the best relationship the department has,” said Lieutenant Kim Stratman.  “They truly support our efforts in building trust and establishing a strong foundation in the community.”Group pic 2 

This new relationship grows in part because Dallas PAL and ASP recognizes the importance of performance based programs to engage teenagers who are not active in sports or necessarily excelling academically.  However, this All Stars Talent Show Network event, which travel all across the country, would not have been possible without the hard work of ASP of Dallas city leader Antoine Joyce and DPDs’ own Officer Devalon Lee-Arkansas.  Mr. Joyce and Officer Lee-Arkansas lead a group of approximately 25 young volunteers into the streets of Vickery Meadow.  For five grueling weeks they endured the sweltering Texas heat and walked countless miles going door to door handing out flyers in a quest to find the next American Idol.  Neither complained because they recognized the importance of police and community engagement.  This type of commitment and dedication is the foundation of police and organizations like ASP working together to improve communities. Thanks Dallas PAL and ASP of Dallas for making the All Stars Talent Show Network a tremendous success.