Thank You To The Lafourche Parish Sheriff For Their Generosity

We are so grateful to the citizens of Lafourche Parish in Louisiana and their Sheriff’s Office for raising more than $50,000, which was donated to the Assist The Officer Foundation and the Dallas Foundation. These foundations are giving 100% of the money donated to the families of the officers killed or injured during the attacks of July 7, 2016.

According to a Lafourche Parish news release, “The initial effort, called “Support Dallas #BackTheBlue”, was to raise money for Dallas police officers killed or injured in the incident which occurred July 7. Less than 24 hours following the can shake fundraiser, another incident occurred in Baton Rouge, taking the lives of three police officers and leaving others injured. Based on the overwhelming generosity, fundraiser organizers decide to split the money between Dallas and Baton Rouge to aid officers and their families in both locations.”

The Lafourche Sheriff Deputies drove over 9 hours to Dallas and presented Executive Assistant Chief David Pughes with several gifts and then presented checks to Sr. Corporal Frasier from the ATO and Dawn Townsend and Claudia DeMosse with Dallas Foundation.