Awareness at the Gas Pumps

As technology advances, so should your knowledge of how to protect yourself from high-tech criminal behavior. The Dallas Police Department’s Financial Crimes Unit has recovered 5 devices which captures credit/debit card information as well as the PIN and zip code of the card from gas pumps. These devices were inserted into the gas pumps of gas stations in the North Central Division of the city. The devices are not visible from the outside of the pumps and they all appear to be made by the same person or group.


This sophisticated technology is used with a Bluetooth connection to transmit the data. The suspect does not have to retrieve the device to recover the data.  Therefore, you should remain aware of your surroundings and look for individuals opening the pumps or loitering in close proximity. If you see something or someone suspicious, please call 911.  In order to prevent these types of offenses from occurring, businesses should physically inspect the inside of the pumps on a regular basis and place a tamper evident seals on them.

As a consumer, here are a few things you can do to prevent from being a victim:

  • Pay inside instead of at the gas pumps.
  • Monitor your credit card or bank statements.
  • Contact financial institutions as soon as the fraud is detected.

These few things can go a long way in preventing this type of crime from occurring.  And remember, if you do become a victim don’t hesitate to call 911.