Statement from Chief David O. Brown

On August 9, 2016, Minister Dominique Alexander, the president and founder of Next Generation Action Network, requested to meet with Chief David Brown in a one-on-one meeting. Mr. Alexander was one of the organizers of the downtown rally on July 7, 2016.

Chief Brown stated to Mr. Alexander that he would agree to meet with him on the condition that Mr. Alexander publicly agrees to discontinue protests in the downtown area given the tragic circumstances of July 7, 2016 and the associated concerns for our officer’s safety. In addition, Chief Brown asked Mr. Alexander to choose a protest location more tactically advantageous to officers’ safety. Mr. Alexander stated he could not cancel the rally, but would not march. Chief Brown then asked what’s more important than our officers’ safety, and insisted that today’s rally be cancelled and that he should not schedule anymore in the downtown area.

Below is the Dallas Police Department’s stance on the citizen’s right to protest:

The Dallas Police Department will not interfere with a lawful and peaceful assembly of any individuals or groups expressing their first amendment rights. The Dallas Police Department will take enforcement action if any type of criminal offense is committed against any person or property. Enforcement action will also be taken if demonstrators illegally impede traffic in the roadway or attempt to shut down a freeway. The safety of our officers and citizens is the primary concern as individuals or groups gather to express their first amendment rights.

Attached is the email exchange between Chief David Brown and Mr. Alexander.