Arrest Made for Attack by Dangerous Dog

On May 30, 2016, at approximately 8:19 pm, a L/M 13, was attacked by a white bull terrier at an apartment complex at 5900 Gaston Avenue.  The dog had escaped its nearby enclosure.  As the victim began to flee from the dog, the dog chased him and bit him on both legs causing numerous deep lacerations that were classified as serious bodily injury.   Responding officers arrived and tazed the dog repeatedly in order to stop the attack. 

The child was transported to Children’s Medical Center and was treated for his injuries.

An investigation revealed that the dog was owned by Luz Alvarez L/F 31.  The dog had bitten another person in March 2016 and was quarantined by Dallas Animal Services for that incident.  The animal was returned to Ms. Alvarez after the quarantine period and the dog escaped and attacked the child on May 30, 2106.

This case was referred to the Dallas County Grand Jury and Ms. Alvarez was recently indicted.  A warrant was issued for Ms. Alvarez for Attack by Dangerous Dog Felony 3.  Ms. Alvarez was arrested by the City Marshals on August 16, 2016 and transported to Lew Sterrett Justice Center.