NGAN Group Demands Regarding Police Reform

The Dallas Police Department’s Response to the Next Generation Action Network Demands for Police Reform:

The Next Generation Action Network stated they would continue to conduct protests in downtown Dallas until the Dallas Police Department responded to their list of demands for police reform.

Chief Brown has directed the Dallas Police Department staff to respond to the Next Generation Action Network’s demands for police reforms. 

The following is the Police Department’s response to the Next Generation Action Network’s demands:

1.Abolish the 72 hour wait after an officer involved shooting

  • Effective immediately, every officer will be provided the same legal rights as any other citizen who is the subject of a criminal investigation.

2. Dallas Citizen’s Review Board with subpoena power

  • Any changes to the Citizen’s Review Board must be made through the City Council.

3. DFR respond to CIT calls with DPD

  • The Dallas Police Department and DFR are working on a new policy where they both will respond to CIT calls.

4. “Deprioritize” enforcement in consumption of alcohol on the streets, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, littering, disturbing the peace, and spitting

  • The Dallas Police Department is sworn to enforce the law to protect citizens.

5. End police department quotas, tickets, and arrests

  • The Dallas Police Department does not have, require, or suggest a quota for officers for tickets or arrests.

6. Review the police department’s use of force policy

  • The Dallas Police Department continuously reviews the Use of Force Policy and will make a copy of the policy available to the Next Generation Action Network.

7. Review the police department’s community policing

  • The Dallas Police Department is nationally recognized as a progressive community policing organization. The department continuously reviews its community policing efforts and will make a copy of the programs available to the Next Generation Action Network.

8. Require “racial bias” training

  • Dallas Police Department currently requires all officers to be instructed on Fair and Impartial Policing; Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice.

9. Prohibit use of municipal/federal funds to purchase military equipment

  • The Dallas Police Department does not purchase military equipment. The department does purchase protective law enforcement equipment for police officers.

10. City ordinance to require audio and video technology to be used by officers with a clear policy regarding its use

  • The Dallas Police Department has clear policies regarding the use of audio and video technology by officers. The City Council passes city ordinances.

11. Allow activists free access to body camera and car video and audio

  • The Dallas Police Department will release all body camera, car video, and audio in accordance with state law.

12. All officers are bonded and insured by a 3rd party insurance company so the city is not liable for “rogue officers

  • The City of Dallas is self-insured.

13. The prioritization of hiring minority officers

  • For the first time in its history, the Dallas Police Department is a majority minority police department.

14. No one has been held accountable for not using their body cameras or dash cameras

  • The Dallas Police Department has disciplined 32 officers for violations of the camera policy.