Capital Murder at 3030 S. Lancaster Road

On August 18, 2016, at approximately 1:48 p.m., Dallas Police responded to two separate aggravated robbery calls at 3030 S. Lancaster Road. Victims Alvin Fox, a Black male, 88-years-old, and Sells, Harris, a Black male, 54-years-old were both assaulted and had property taken by Johnny Lee Flentroy, a Black male, 24-years-old. Victim Fox, who suffered head injuries, was transported to an area hospital where he was listed in critical condition. Victim Sells was also transported to an area hospital where he sought treatment for his injuries. The suspect, Johnny Lee Flentroy, who was arrested at the scene was in possession of both victims property. He was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and placed in jail.

On September 3, 2016, at approximately 5:58 a.m., Victim Fox, who remained in the hospital, died as a result of his injuries. The aggravated robbery warrant related to victim Fox has been dropped and a capital murder warrant has been issued with a $500,000.00 bond. Suspect Flentroy remains in jail.