Operation Blue Shield: Uniting Communities

On Wednesday night, October 26, 2016, Concord Church hosted the series for Operation Blue Shield’s Power of One Speaker.  Pastor Bryan Carter and guest speaker Officer Tommy Norman from North Little Rock Arkansas, discussed the platforms of Unity through Faith and  Unity through Sports, with a night theme of “Purpose and Unity”. It is believed that with these two models, the community and first responders can come together in efforts to build a safer America.

Various Police Departments were in attendance to support the effort of bridging the community and policing.  Dallas’ Interim Chief of Police David Pughes spoke on how the community and law enforcement is divided by the simple appearance of the police uniform.  Chief Pughes further spoke on how many see the police uniform as dehumanizing, but when policing is done right and the barriers are broken down, it is visible enough to see that police officers and the community are in reality one big group. 

“Police are heroes to majority of the community, showing we care makes their lives better,”  so stated Officer Norman.  Thank you Officer Tommy Norman for being present during this event and sharing your awesome experience of unity. 

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