Retired DPD Sergeant Reunites With Lost Badge

It is every active and retirees worst nightmare. The day you notice your badge was nowhere to be found. This happened to retired police Sergeant Jim Lauderdale, #1323.  Sergeant Lauderdale first noticed his badge was missing 6 years ago and couldn’t recall where he last saw it. For years Sergeant Lauderdale felt like a piece of him was missing until he got the call that it was found. The badge was recovered and was placed in the police property room. Sergeant Lauerdale said he felt like he was whole again when he got the word. “The badge means everything to me” stated Sergeant Lauderdale.

Sergeant Lauderdale joined the Dallas Police Department in June 11, 1956 at 21 years old. He served in the Central Patrol Division and from there moved all around the department from auto theft to homicide. Sergeant Lauderdale retired after 30 years on August 26, 1986, at the same place he started, Central Patrol.  ” I couldn’t be more thrilled to have my badge back, I am complete again” stated Sergeant Laudedale.  As retired Sergeant Lauderdale left Jack Evans holding his badge, he stated ” I will make sure this doesn’t leave my sight again”.