Operation Pay It Forward

The overwhelming kindness and support given to the Dallas Police Department and the families of the fallen officers inspired  “Operation Pay It Forward” during this season of giving.  A group of officers from each of the seven patrol divisions set out to surprise some of our citizens by helping to pay for their purchases at various stores throughout the city of Dallas.

It was heart-warming to see the faces erupt into smiles as the officers offered the gift cards and told them about “Operation Pay It Forward”. From a 91 year old veteran to the young children, the recipients expressed their feelings of gratitude. There were many hugs exchanged and some tears of happiness. Ms. Jean Green thanked the officers and said “…the Dallas Police Department is so helpful”, and that she loves the department. She also pays it forward by volunteering at the Singing Hill Recreation Center.

Ninety-eight individuals and families received gift cards totaling $9,800 to use towards their purchases. This was made possible through the donation from a compassionate person who wishes to remain anonymous. “Operation Pay It Forward” resulted in a feeling of happiness that spread not only to the recipients but to the officers and bystanders as well. Many hearts were warmed thanks to this generous donation.

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