A Message from Interim Chief David Pughes

pughesfeature“As we approach the New Year, I would like to take time and reflect back on the previous year. In 2016, our department suffered extreme tragedy.  The events of July 7th will forever mark this year as one we will never forget.  The unbelievable show of support from our community gave us the strength to continue on. We will forever be thankful for the encouragement we received from our city, country, and people from all over the world.

The officers of the Dallas Police Department have shown immense strength during this time and have truly impressed me with their ability to work so hard to protect our city through the most trying times and adverse conditions. I am so proud of our officers and I am incredibly thankful for their service to our community.

With 2017 right around the corner, I am looking forward to continuing on our success in keeping Dallas one of the safest cities in America.  I pray for the safety of our officers and our city. I hope that we can continue to strengthen the partnership with our community because without you we would not be able to do this job. Thank you again and may 2017 bring blessings to Dallas Police Officers, their families and all the citizens of Dallas.”