Burglary of Motor Vehicle Prevention Tips

The first thing you can do to help: Don’t leave valuables in your car – particularly not in plain sight! Are your valuables VISIBLE? Don’t be the next car burglary victim!

The last thing you want is to find your vehicle’s window broken or items missing. We suggest taking these simple but important steps to maintain your car’s safety:

Don’t leave valuables in your car. That sounds like “common sense”, but drivers/passengers do leave items of value in plain view every day. If you leave valuable items visible in your car, your car is automatically a target.

If you must leave valuable items in your car while out and about, place items out of sight before reaching your destination or move them inconspicuously. This includes packages, backpacks, gym bags, GPS units, MP3 players, and so forth. Someone may be watching when you put items under a seat or throw something over them. An opportunistic thief is on the lookout for trunk-packing, and can break into your car the minute you’re out of sight.

What Items are Most Commonly Stolen from Vehicles?

  • Backpacks, gym bags, briefcases, day-planners
  • Cash/coins, checkbooks and credit/debit cards
  • Wallets and purses (even when hidden under a seat or in an unlocked glove compartment)
  • Laptop computers
  • iPods and MP3 players  (and docking stations)
  • Cell phones (and chargers)
  • Portable GPS navigation systems
  • Stereo/CD players (and faceplates), amps, speakers (even when bolted down!)
  • Jewelry, keys, mail (identity theft)
  • tools

Anything of obvious value. LOCK! TAKE! HIDE!

If you can’t take them with you, at least lock the items in your glove compartment (if capable of locking) or your trunk (if you have one). Leave no trace. Don’t leave any “sign” that there might be valuables “out of sight” in your vehicle, such as docking stations or connector cables. Leave nothing in “plain sight” that might make your vehicle worth “investigating” by a thief; not even loose coins or a CD.

  • Try to park in busy, well-lighted areas.
  • Lock ALL your vehicle’s doors even if you plan to be gone for only a brief time.
  • Set any alarm or anti-theft device.

Don’t think your dark tinted windows will hide your valuables. Thieves often use flashlights to see through tint. Locking your car and setting your alarm is just part of the solution. Even if locked and alarmed, if you leave valuables (or the hint of valuables) in plain sight, a thief may target your car, even knowing it’s locked and alarmed. But, without a clear prize in sight, a locked/alarmed car will likely be bypassed for an easier “target of opportunity”.

What to do if something is stolen out of your car As soon as you notice something’s stolen (or that your car has been broken into) call 911 to report the incident.

  • Report Suspicious activity If you see suspicious activity, report it to Dallas Police Department @ 911.
  • Don’t hesitate to call DPD to report ANY suspicious activities, persons or vehicles.

DPD officers cannot be everywhere, and we count on good people to be our “eyes and ears” and report suspicious activities as they are occurring. Do your part by taking preventive action and spreading the word. You can make a difference.

Ladies, if you are pumping gasoline at the gas station please make sure you DO NOT leave your purses in the front seat where visible.

When dropping off the kids at day care please lock your doors and take your keys. REMEMBER…. LOCK, TAKE, HIDE.