Karen New Year Celebration – Northeast Division

The City of Dallas is known to be a melting pot of multiple cultures and communities. Each community brings with them their own taste of culture and beliefs and invites outsiders to come and participate in these events. Last Saturday, the Northeast Neighborhood Policing Unit was invited to attend the Burmese refugee Karen New Year celebration at the Highland Oaks Church of Christ. Officer Kevin Kelley, Officer Bervin Smith, and Community Representative Kimberly Nam had the privilege of attending.


The celebration started out with the United States national anthem followed by the Burmese anthem.  Throughout the course of the day, students performed traditional cultural dances and played the traditional music of their country.  People of all ages and communities showed up to partake in the event and enjoy the Burmese food.  The Burmese community took time during the performances to recognize the Dallas Police Department and wished everyone a Happy New Year.  The host stated it is these kinds of relationships between the Dallas Police Department and different culture communities that make the City of Dallas a great place to live.