McDonald’s African-American Read-In Event

In February, the Dallas Police Department’s Office of Community of Affairs was invited by the Continental Society of Dallas to participate in the McDonald’s African-American Read-In. Every Saturday in February one McDonald’s location hosted this wonderful event.

The goal of these events was to honor African-American authors during Black History Month and to encourage kids to read. College Presidents, Lawyers, Judges, Police Officers, and Librarians were some of the invited guests that read books written by African-American authors to all in attendance.

All of the McDonald’s locations had a great turnout with so many young excited kids having fun and receiving great giveaways such as free books and backpacks. Sgt. Felicia Thornton, Sr. Cpl Eucora Gray, Officer Soo Nam, and Officer Israel Marquez attended 3 of the 4 events hosted by McDonald’s. We look forward to partnering with Continental Society of Dallas and McDonald’s for next year’s African-American Read-In.

A list of date and location of the participating McDonald’s locations:

February 4th : 10320 Lake June Rd, Dallas

February 11th: 5404 Cooper St, Arlington

February 18th: 2575 E. Arkansas Ln, Arlington

February 25th: 8333 S. Lancaster Rd, Dallas