Police Softball Team Honors Fallen Officers

Back in March, Dallas Police Public Safety Officer Marty McManus, was approached by several officers about coordinating a team for the Spring Police Softball league. McManus happily stepped up as she saw the opportunity for it to be something more than just a recreational sports team.

With the help of a great sponsor, retired Detective Lowell Johnson, McManus formed a DPD North Central Patrol softball team. McManus wanted the team to honor the fallen department heroes from July 7, 2016. She had known and worked with Sgt. Michael Smith and recalled how he would often drive by her traffic job, roll down his window, and ask, “You doing ok, Marty?”  She would reply, “Yes sir, I am good, thank you,” and he would make sure to bring her water during the hot summer days.

McManus knew the North Central Patrol Division team had to honor the fallen five this year. The team name “Honor Dallas 5” was created with the help of Officer Heather Hebert. The names of the five fallen officers are proudly worn on the back of the team jerseys.

On the day of the first game, Officer Sean Pease lead the team in a prayer as he had on the night of the candlelight vigil back in July.  All of the players gathered and prayed as they honored the fallen officers.

“I make sure as we play our games every Monday in Garland at Audubon Park the fallen heroes are not forgotten on the softball field. This July 7th is going to be hard.  I just hope I made Sgt. Smith proud. Each game our team plays, I make sure we give 110% effort and work together in honor of them,” McManus said.