Five Street Racers Arrested

On June 5, 2017, the Southeast Deployment Unit, along with the Crime Response Team (CRT) conducted an “illegal racing operation” suspected in the 8400 block of Eastpoint Drive.  The illegal racing operation was in response to on going complaints received by citizens who lived in the community.

The participants had previously been illegally racing their vehicles on Forney Road; however, they changed location after a previous mass arrest for illegal racing and trespassing had been made.  The racing shifted a few blocks north of the previous location, but still within the warehousing district.  The Southeast Deployment officers were able to gather intelligence through surveillance which expanded over a month.  Afterwards, the officers put a plan in place using the help of CRT.

Relying on their intelligence information, the officers determined that Mondays and Saturdays were the days where most racers and spectators would participate and observe the racing.  A strategic plan was set in motion and a date was picked to execute the operation.  Deployment officers were able to on view the illegal racing and identified several of the racers and spectators and relayed that information to CRT officers.  CRT  were able to confine a majority of the racers and spectators to 8400 Eastpoint Drive. CRT was able to make contact with over 70 racers and/or spectators.

In total, five racers were arrested and one person was arrested for outstanding warrants.  In the process, nine vehicles were towed to the city pound for racing; five vehicle for racing, three for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility, and one for the individual with warrants.  In addition, there were five citations written and the following property and drugs seized:

  • 1 BB gun .177 cal,
  • 1.8g of marijuana
  • 0.2g of cocaine

The following arrested persons were transported to the Dallas County Jail:

  • Christian Torres Latin/Male/19
  • Herbert Umanzor Latin/male/26
  • David Lopez Latin/male/21
  • Christoper Lopez Latin/male/19
  • Steven Hernandez Latin/male/19
  • Rafael Cardenas Latin/male/22

The Department would like to to commend the officers from the Southeast Patrol Division for a job WELL DONE!