Special Recognition for Heroic Citizens that Assisted Sr. Cpl. Ordogne

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On June 7, 2017 at 9:15 a.m., a special recognition was held at City Hall to honor the citizens that assisted Senior Corporal Ordogne after his squad car was hit and overturned into a creek. Among those recognized were Albert Moreno, Charles Rogers, Richard Robertson, Lenora Jefferson, Jorge Nava Martinez, Sam Khater, Rosemary Mendoza and Marco Lopez.

Mr. Robertson and his wife, Lenora were the first to run down the creek after they witnessed the truck strike the squad car. She dialed 911 while he talked to the officer to keep him calm and awake. He also called for others to come and help.

Ms. Mendoza went down the creek and held the officer’s hand until the others gathered to assist Senior Corporal Ordogne. She has medical training and was ready to assist if needed.

Mr. Rogers, Mr. Martinez, Mr. Khater and Mr. Lopez all heard the accident and ran to render aid. They worked diligently with Mr. Robertson to push the car onto its side.

Mr. Moreno, a City of Dallas employee, noticed police cars responding and followed them. He joined the others, grabbed the officer by the waist and helped pull the officer out of the vehicle.

The mayor, council members and DPD command staff were present as Council Member Carolyn King Arnold recognized these heroic citizens. Assistant Chief Martinez thanked them for their selfless act. Chief Martinez said, “They came to us at a moment of crisis, and at the times when we see the worst in humanity this was a moment that they showed us the best of humanity.”