Central Patrol Arrest Burglary Suspect

The Central Patrol Division has been experiencing burglaries in the Uptown area.  The subject committing the burglaries was using a mechanical drill to drill into door locks.

Intelligence information was gathered and lead to a possible suspect.  The Central Crime Response Team and Deployment Unit conducted surveillance on the suspect and the suspect evaded officers in a stolen vehicle that was taken in a burglary offense.

The subject,  Carlos Bradford, a 32-year-old Black male, was taken into custody for:

  • Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle
  • Evading Arrest
  • Abandon/Endangerment of a Child

This was a great arrest and teamwork of officers:

  • Officer Hauffe
  • Officer Offutt
  • Officer Mulvihill
  • Officer Duba
  • Officer  Hull 
  • Sergeant Hunt

Central officers care for the community they serve and it showed greatly with their actions.  The offense was documented on case number 204227-2017.