Property Crime Tips

Property crime has always been a driving force to our crime rate, and with the holiday season quickly approaching, the Dallas Police Department would like to provide a few tips to help the community should you become the victim of a property crime. 

The most effective way to recover stolen property is through the property serial number. Citizens should record their property information, including description, make, model, and serial number on an inventory form. Should you become the victim of a property crime, be sure to provide the inventory list of your stolen property to the responding officer. This helps detectives locate stolen items at pawn shops or identify property items that may have been abandoned by the criminals. Completing this simple process increases your chances of recovering your property and speeds up the time it takes for you to get your items returned.OPID

If you are unable to locate a serial number on a particular item, you should take an inventory of that item and permanently mark it with your Texas Driver’s License or ID number. This can be easily done by utilizing a permanent ultra violet marker and writing the letters “TXDL” and your license or ID number on a non-removable part of the property that can be seen without having to disassemble. 

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