South Central Crime Reduction Initiative

Updated November 13, 2017, at 5:30pm:


On Saturday, November 10, 2017, the South Central Neighborhood Police Unit, Crime Response Team, Traffic, Narcotics, and SWAT all worked together in the south central area of Dallas in an effort to reduce crime.  In our commitment to keep Dallas safe, the Neighborhood Police Officers began the day by walking the beat throughout various targeted neighborhoods throughout the area, making positive contact with several members of the community.  The citizens were very pleased and most appreciative to those officers who walked the streets, made arrests, and more importantly, protected and spent time with the kids in the neighborhood.

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The Traffic Unit was out on their motorcycles enforcing traffic laws and making arrest from the several violations that were being committed on Saturday.  A total of 111 Hazardous Citations and 57 Regulatory Citations were written. 

Narcotics, and SWAT teamed up together and executed several narcotic warrants which led to the arrests of 5 individuals (Rodrick Porter, Bernard Anglin, Davante Henderson, Kevin Hickman, and Karla Meraz) for various drugs and weapons charges.  As a result of the Narcotic Search Warrants executed at 3810 Bonnie View Road, officers were able to seize 10.3 grams of Cocaine Powder, 11.8 Grams of Cocaine Rock, 268.5 Grams of PCP, 77.5 Grams suspected K2, 8 Grams MDMA, 13.7 Grams Methamphetamine, 31 Pills Alprazalam, $1,837.00 and 3 Rifles.  

Overall, there were a total of 34 people arrested for various charges, 168 traffic citations written and 47 calls answered for service in the South Central Patrol Division.  Job well done!!!