Welcome Basket Drive

The City of Dallas Office of Homeless Solutions set off this holiday season with a challenge. A city-wide email was sent requesting “Welcome Baskets”.  They challenged every departmental unit to come together and collect at least 30 completed baskets.

The “Welcome Basket” idea was created to help families or individuals who were once homeless move into their new homes with some much needed essential items. These baskets would be their starter kit that provided the essential items needed to keep their home clean along with a few toiletries.

The police department’s team  “Guardians in Blue”, consisting of officers and community members, came together and were able to collect a total of 42 completed baskets! Another 21 baskets were gathered with just a few missing items from the requested list. The large amounts of toothpaste, toothbrushes, sponges, bar soaps, dish washing liquid, toilet paper, and paper towels were amazing.

The department would like to thank everyone who generously participated in this worthy cause.  From the police employees and community members who donated items, to the substations who received and organized items, and the individuals who spent multiple hours preparing individual baskets. It was a collective effort that made this a very successful campaign to help those in our community that may be less fortunate.  Tis the season…Happy Holiday!!!