33 Years and Counting: Santa Cops Delivers Holiday Cheer


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‘Twas the night before the big delivery when all of the Dallas PD elves worked endlessly to pack up all the gifts. Come early the next morning Santa Cops was ready to spread Christmas cheer all over Dallas.

On Saturday, December 16th, Dallas Police officers, families members, and volunteers from all divisions participated in the 33rd Annual Santa Cops program. Since 1984, the Dallas Police Department has provided assistance to members of the community by providing toys and food during the Christmas season. The Santa Cops program was designed to assist members of the community who have been victims of crime and as a result of that act; they are unable to provide for their children during the holidays.


Back in November, Gabrielle Simmons was tragically murdered during a robbery at the Dollar General store in which she was working as the cashier. Simmons left behind six children. The Dallas Police Department and Chief Hall made a special delivery to the family with the hope of bringing them some holiday cheer as they try to cope with their tragic loss. 

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The Santa Cops program has assisted over 10,000 families throughout the years. This project typically delivers gifts on a Saturday before Christmas to the citizens of Dallas. A Santa Cops request form is completed by members of the department who have identified a family in need, mostly coming from patrol officers in the field. After all the forms have been submitted, the committee determines if the family meets the criteria of the program. Those that are selected, based on officer’s observations and comments, are prioritized by need. The next step is the best part of the process; watching the children’s faces when the officers bring the toys to their home.

We want to thank everyone who participated this year and made Santa Cops a success. Happy Holidays from the Dallas Police Department!