Dallas Community Police Awards Committee Recognizes Two of Dallas’ Finest

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On Saturday March 10, 2018, the Sons of the American Revolution, a historical, educational, and patriotic non-profit organization, recognized Senior Corporal Krystal Wood-Romero #10268 and Sergeant Richard Hunt #6175 for their outstanding and dedicated service to the department and the citizens of Dallas. 

Detective Krystal Wood-Romero has been a detective in the Child Exploitation Unit for a little over a year and quickly distinguished herself as an outstanding detective in the unit. “Detective Woods-Romero does not accept doing just the minimum on a case, but strives to get it right 100% of the time,” said Sergeant Byron A. Fassett. The nature of the cases investigated by Detective Woods-Romero is very trying and emotional due to most of the victims being very young. In one noted case, Wood-Romero’s  attention to detail while interviewing a possible suspect led her to further investigate an additional lead which subsequently resulted in a confession. Despite the emotional obstacles presented in the Child Exploitation Unit, Detective Woods-Romero’s performance remains superior and is worthy of recognition.

In addition, Sergeant Richard Hunt was also recognized. Sergeant Hunt has been a member of the department since 1989. He currently supervises the Central Patrol Division Crime Reduction Team. Sergeant Hunt’s unit collaborates with other departmental units and outside agencies to resolve offenses related to the Central Patrol Division. In 2016, Sergeant Hunt’s Unit made 364 arrests, cleared 425 felony warrants and 75 misdemeanor warrants, 65 of which were for family violence. In addition, Sergeant Hunt often responds to 911 calls, and is the first to arrive, “he does not scoff at the mundane task of completing a report which shows humility despite out ranking others on the scene”, said Assistant Chief Lonzo Anderson.  Sergeant Hunt’s leadership ability and dedication is also worthy of recognition.

We would like to thank the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee and Sons of the American Revolution, for recognizing two of Dallas’ finest, Detective Krystal Wood -Romero and Sergeant Richard Hunt. Congratulations and job well done for your outstanding work and dedication!