Great Arrest on a Good Friday

On March 30, 2018, at about 12 noon, Dallas officers responded to an Aggravated Robbery call in the 900 block of E. 8th Street.  When officers arrived at the location, they came in contact with a known suspect that matched the description given by the victim.  As the officers approached the suspect for questioning,  the suspect began running in an attempt to elude the officers. 

The suspect was eventually cornered a short distance away and began wielding a large knife while saying he was not going to comply with officers’ instructions.  The officers, understanding that they were now faced with a lethal situation, continued giving loud verbal commands for the suspect to drop the knife.  However, the suspect continued to keep the officers at bay with his knife.  The officers, showing restraint, made several more verbal attempts to get the suspect to drop the knife and resolve the incident peacefully.  In the meantime, one of the officers deployed a 40 mm stinger, which is a less lethal weapon system designed to fire sponge rounds.  When the suspect refused to dropped the knife, the officer fired the stinger toward the suspect causing him to drop the knife.  However, the suspect still refused to surrender or comply with the officers’ commands.  The officers then used a taser on the suspect, but it had no affect.  The officers eventually closed in on the suspect and were able to place him under arrest without any injury to the suspect or officers.  The suspect, Diondrick Davis B/m/19, was charged with Aggravated Robbery. 

The officers are to be commended for their excellent work in deescalating a volatile situation resulting in a Felony arrest and no injuries to the suspect or officers.