Officer of the Month April 2018 – Senior Corporal James Songer

On April 19, 2018, Senior Corporal James Songer received the Officer of the Month Award for April 2018 from the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee at a luncheon hosted by the Dal-Cliff Wynnewood Lions Club.

Senior Corporal Songer is currently assigned as the Neighborhood Patrol Officer for the Central Business District. Senior Corporal Songer is tasked with providing valuable crime statistic information via crime watch meetings. He also provides various police services in the Central Business District. Corporal Songer has been recognized for an outstanding level of service from such businesses and organizations as Bank of America, Downtown Dallas Inc., and The Camden Farmers Market Association. Lieutenant Rick Rivas stated, “Senior Corporal Songer does an exemplary job of facilitating the working relationship with our downtown stakeholders. His social media presence and proactive community engagement allows him to understand and effectively address the needs of the downtown constituency.”  Sergeant Gonzalez said, “Senior Corporal Songer serves as the front-line liaison between the Dallas Police Department and the Central Business District. Corporal Songer’s regular email notifications concerning significant offenses and the latest crime statistics to stakeholders help establish a culture of transparency for the department and facilitate the much-needed two-way dialogue with the community we serve.”

Congratulations Senior Corporal Songer!