Safer Dallas Annual Steering Committee Meeting

On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, Safer Dallas Better Dallas Executive Board Members held their Annual Steering Committee Meeting at the Dallas Police Department’s Jack Evans Headquarters building.

Chief Renee Hall addressed the committee announcing a reduction in crime and future crime initiatives.  Chief Hall also expressed her gratitude for their continued support, and that she looks forward to working with the committee in the future.  Safer Dallas discussed Projects such as ballistic vests for our four legged K-9 partners and a relaunch of the iWatch app, which is currently used to provide tips relating criminal activity via cell phone.  Chief Hall said it best, “If you see something, text something.”  John Forest, Rotary Club of Dallas, gave an update regarding the Annual Rotary Club Luncheon, and the recently dedicated “down room” at our Communications Division.  Included in the updates were community engagement event “Let’s Talk”, which they presented a check to help fund the annual event.

David Pittman of White Rock Partnership, discussed the Honor Our Heroes upcoming events.  Honor Our Heroes encourages citizens to show their appreciation for our first responders. Finally yet importantly, Caruth Police Institute Executive Director Melinda Arnold announced 10th Anniversary celebration events for The Caruth Police institute. The Caruth Police Institute provides leadership classes and training for police officers of all ranks across north Texas.

The mission of Safer Dallas Better Dallas is to protect residents from becoming victims of crime and to engage them in a partnership with the Dallas Police Department, to support the efforts of Dallas police officers, and to make Dallas America’s safest big city.

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