“Employee Down Room” – Dedicated to 9-1-1 Call Center Employees

On Thursday, May 17, 2018, at 10:00 A.M., Safer Dallas Better Dallas dedicated a new “Employee Down Room” within the Communications Call Center.  The Employee Down Room will serve as a quiet room where employees will be able to retreat after handling a stressful call or situation.   The room is fully furnished with sofa chairs and couches for comfort, mood lighting for relaxing the mind, and aromatherapy candle to release stress.   Call takers and dispatchers will be able to decompress after taking or managing some of the most critical call or incidents occurring in Dallas.  Major Elaine Page stated, “After listening to call takers managing different critical calls, I realized a down room was much needed.” Chief Hall was in attendance and expressed her gratitude stating, “We appreciate all the donors for letting our civilian employees and our officers know how important they are to this community.”  

The Dallas Police Department would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to the following for their continued support: Safer Dallas, Dallas Rotary Club, Allied Interiors, Devance Electronic Lifestyles, P.S. Gerry, Inc./Venue Inudtries, and Spencer + Company.  Thank you once again in your efforts to making Dallas the safest city in the country.