Keeping Dallas Safe: Operations Throughout the City

The South Central Patrol Division and the Northwest Patrol Division conducted enforcement operations against prostitution with the goal to sharply decrease offenses in targeted areas by providing a strong officer presence and strict enforcement. Between June 20 and June 22, 2018, both divisions conducted enforcement operations to address citizen complaints regarding prostitution. Utilizing a combination of Deployment officers and uniformed officers, the operations netted numerous arrests. Below are the results of the officers’ efforts.

Total Enforcement Action

  • 01 Arrest for Manifestation of Prostitution
  • 21 Citations for Manifestation of Prostitution
  • 01 Arrest for Bond Forfeiture for Prostitution
  • 02 Johns Arrested
  • 15 Pedestrian stops
  • 04 traffic stops

In continuing the hard work, officers of the Central Patrol Division and the Central Business District conducted enforcement operations in “hot spots” to address citizen complaints throughout the division. Various arrests for a multitude of offenses were made that included possession of dangerous drugs, public intoxication, open container, warrants, and criminal trespass.   Below are the results of the officers’ efforts.

Total Enforcement Action

  • 02 Investigative arrests
  • 12 City arrests
  • 02 pedestrian stops
  • 03 traffic strops

On June 22, 2018, the Northwest Division CRT and Deployment officers kept the pressure on and continued their dedication to keeping the citizens of Dallas safe. Various suspects were arrested for offenses. The offenses included arrests for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, unlawful carrying of a weapon, possession of marijuana, theft, and warrants.

Actions Taken

  • 06 arrests
  • 01 recovered stolen vehicle
  • 01 recovered stolen flatbed trailer
  • 1.9 grams of Marijuana
  • 01 recovered stolen pistol
  • Over 100 rounds of ammunition seized