Providing Soles for Small Souls

Officer Brian Nolff is a 28-year veteran of Dallas Police Department who recently gave more than 650 kids a new pair of shoes. Officer Nolff is a Neighborhood Police Officer who works in the northwest area of Dallas, and one day while patrolling, he noticed several youths in his area with worn out shoes. Brian wanted to do something for the kids, so he and his fellow officers decided to gather donated shoes. They collected more than 650 pairs of shoes from local businesses by going to various locations in Dallas and explaining their cause.  Through a collaborative effort, the officers and businesses provided hundreds of new shoes for kids. 

Parents were thankful and very appreciative of Officer Nolff’s hard work and dedication to making sure their children had comfortable fitting shoes to wear for the summer.  Brian hopes to continue helping parents even more by providing new shoes for the kids when they return to school this fall.

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We are proud of Officer Nolff for his hard work and effort going above and beyond the badge to help provide shoes for the kids. Outstanding job!