Keeping Our Community Informed (Day 1) #DPDinReview


#DPDinReview.  The Dallas Police Department wants to reflect on some significant strides we have made in the past year.  For the next 30 days, we will take a look back on some key achievements. 

  • The Department’s social media presence
  • Community engagement efforts
  • Crime Initiatives
  • Overall departmental reform

Day 1: In an effort to show how we have continued to tell the Department’s story, let’s start with our social media presence.  Here is a look at some of the Department’s digital and social media highlights from September 2017 to current:

We have touched over 38.2 million people through social media impressions over the last 11 months…Amazing!!!  Thank you Dallas.  We are truly grateful for your continued support.

Follow us for the next 30 days with the #DPDinReview to see more of what the Dallas Police Department has going on!