Police Professionalization Exchange Program – Community Policing

Today, Dallas PD and the World Affairs Council of Dallas Fort Worth hosted a group of 15 law enforcement officials from Mexico for a Police Professionalization Exchange Program exploring Community Policing.  The group was accompanied by 2 interpreters, 2 representatives of The Police Foundation, and 1 representative of Global Ties U.S., the coordinating organization.  

During the presentation, Deputy Chief Rick Watson and Sergeant Robert Muñoz informed the Mexican officials of how Dallas PD implements community policing, specific initiatives, and how our philosophy affects all aspects of policing.

Sergeant Muñoz, who oversees the Office of Community Affairs, reached out to the Neighborhood Police Officers (NPOs) and invited them to speak during the presentation. Each speaker shared their perspective of what each unit does in efforts to bridge the gap between the community and police. The keyword during the presentation was “trust”, police agencies have to gain the communities trust in order to maintain a healthy and growing relationship. Dallas PD continues to actively listen to what the community wants and strives to provide them with excellent customer service. 

Dallas PD was beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to share what we do within our department with other agencies that are willing to positively grow with their own communities. 

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Below you will find an in depth explanation of the Exchange Program: 

U.S.-Mexico Police Professionalization Exchange Program Background

Law enforcement in Mexico has the significant challenge of continuing to combat large criminal organizations that are ever evolving and constantly adapting with new technologies and seemingly unlimited resources.  Within this context, law enforcement officers are being asked to take on many responsibilities including tracking these organized criminal enterprises; building strong cases against them; serving as witnesses in court cases; engaging with the communities to root out criminal organizations and keep the public safe.  However, low salaries, poor working conditions, and limited opportunities for career advancement may hinder law enforcement agencies’ abilities to recruit and/or retain high quality, professional police forces and officers.

With these challenges in mind, Global Ties U.S. has developed the Police Professionalization Exchange Program (PPEP) to provide substantive and concrete opportunities for Mexican law enforcement professionals to begin to obtain some of the training they need to increase their leadership and tactical skills.  Our program is designed to do this through hands-on training, academic learning, and direct engagement with law enforcement personnel and agencies in the United States, which will provide practical skills and examples, as well as needed training and academic hours. 

Funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) through the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, the Police Professionalization Exchange Program is designed to provide training and professional development to 3,900 Mexican police officials from 2017-2019. The program will provide participants with direct exposure and access to U.S. police professionals and experts.  Participants will receive training and professional development via online lectures, training academies, professional study tours in the U.S. and participation in a Mexico-based training institute facilitated by U.S. law enforcement experts and professionals.