Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce 66th Annual Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year Awards

Officer Willis Wood "Johnny Sides" #337
Officer Willis Wood “Johnny” Sides, #337

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce (DJCC) hosted the 66th Annual Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year Awards. The award recognizes Dallas’ finest rookie police officers, in memory of Officer Willis Wood “Johnny” Sides, badge #337. A rookie is defined as someone who does not have much experience in the profession. Despite his short tenure of 3 months at the end of his watch, Officer Johnny Sides was an exceptional police officer and a DJCC member, who inspired police and citizens alike with his dedication, leadership, care, and sacrifice. Officer Sides was fatally wounded when a group of four wanted criminals opened fire on him and his partner during a traffic stop on February 7, 1951. As he was fighting for his life from his hospital bed, Johnny Sides positively identified all four suspects, resulting in their capture and prosecution. Following his death, the DJCC has honored extraordinary Dallas Police rookie officers every year beginning in 1952. The nominees year included

This year’s winner is Officer Jacob Spearman, #11144, who graduated from Class 350 and is currently assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division.


The nominees year included Officer Sandy Martinez, #11043, who also graduated from Class 348, and is currently assigned to the Central Patrol Division


Officer Ivory Dodson, #10848, who graduated from Class 350, and is currently assigned to the Southwest Division Patrol Division.


Congratulations to Officer Spearman for being named Rookie of the Year, and congratulations to Officer Dodson and Officer Martinez for being named runner ups for Rookie of the Year.