Citizens & Officers Save Lives From Burning Apartment

Today, officers of the Northeast Patrol Division were in the right place at the right time. The officers were investigating a call at 11760 Ferguson Road. During the investigation, Officers noticed smoke coming from a nearby apartment building. They quickly jumped into action and called for cover. The officers began knocking on doors to get everyone out of the apartment building which was starting to engulf in flames. They discovered that six residents including a baby, from two different apartments were trapped on the 3rd floor with no way out. The breezeway where you enter their apartments had become completely engulfed in flames.

Dallas Fire Rescue issued a statement:

Despite the excellent work of firefighters, the real heroes showed up prior to the arrival of Dallas Fire Rescue. Dallas Police Officers in the area, along with some of the residents of the complex, began running through the breezeway and knocking on doors to wake people up. At one point they noticed residents still trapped inside apartments on the third floor. Realizing the residents had no other means of escape the officers (and residents helping) grabbed mattresses from some of the apartment units to create a cushion on the ground for the trapped residents to jump onto. Six residents, including a baby who had to be caught, jumped to safety from the third floor.

Everyone was able to get out safely with the assistance of two citizens and the responding officers.

Sergeant Mike Mata said “This is a great example of citizens and officers coming together to save lives.”

Thanks to quick action of the citizens, Sergeant Mike Mata, Officer Muller, Officer Pease, Senior Corporal Simler, Officer Jordan, and Officer Oates six lives were saved today.