The Dallas Police Department is providing a public service announcement to Dallas residents for the holiday season. With the whirlwind of the season, holiday shoppers and residents may not be thinking about burglars who are lurking around in the shadows and looking to take advantage of the season’s good cheer.

There have been 14,617 car break-ins This year in Dallas. That is up about .63% from last year.  The following are some basic tips to help prevent break-ins:

Tips to prevent car break-ins:

  • Double check to make sure the doors are locked
  • If possible, don’t leave valuables in your car
  • If valuables must be left in the car, hide them
  • Don’t hide valuables with strangers around
  • Invest in a car alarm
  • Park in a well-lit area

The Dallas Police Department has produced this PSA (in English and Spanish) about car break-ins:

The Dallas Police Department also wants to remind residents not to take any chances when having packages delivered to their homes. In 2017, there were 25,638 thefts in the Dallas (2058 of those in November and 2114 in December).

The following are basic tips that maybe used to help prevent package thefts:

Tips to prevent package thefts:

  • Arrange for the package to be delivered when someone is home
  • Arrange for a neighbor to receive the package if someone cannot be home
  • Many package delivery services offer a pick-up location
  • When placing an online order, give detailed instructions for delivery
  • Have packages delivered to work place, if possible
  • Contact the carrier and company immediately if the package has been stolen

We hope these basic tips are useful and help make your holiday season festive.  Happy Holidays.