January Officer of the Month – Officer Michael Bono, #10351

On January 16, 2019, Police Officer Michael Bono, #1035, was awarded January’s Officer of the Month by the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee.  A luncheon ceremony was held in his honor at Methodist Hospital at the Weiss Auditorium.

Officer Michael Bono is a 6-year veteran of the Department and is currently assigned to the Central Business District.  His supervisor, Sergeant Amy Ginger, nominated Officer Bono for this award mainly in part for his outstanding work performance, to include the hundreds of arrests made and the large amounts of narcotics seized.

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Sergeant Amy Ginger stated, “Officer Bono’s intelligence and knowledge has led to the clearance of multiple violent and/or gang related offenses.  In the last two and half months, Officer Bono has personally made arrest that resulted in the removal of over 244 grams of narcotics from the West End area.  In addition, he has made 22 felony arrests in that same short time frame.  He has done all of this while maintaining the utmost professionalism.”

Thank you Officer Michael Bono for your hard work and dedication that awarded you January’s Officer of the month.  We are proud of you!!!