Dallas Police Reserves Battalion Honor Members for Years of Service

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On January 17, 2019, the Dallas Police Reserve Battalion held its first meeting of the year at the Donald A. Stafford Conference Room located in the Jack Evans Police Headquarters.

Chief Hall started the evening by presenting service pin awards for the various years of service to members of the Reserves. The top honor of the night went to Ronald Pettie with 50 years of service to the citizens of Dallas. Also during the evening, the Dallas Police Reserves honored Texas House of Representatives Yvonne Davis with a Citizens Certificate of Merit for her performance of civic responsibilities and for assisting the Reserves.

On behalf of the Dallas Police Department, we congratulate all our honorees for their dedication and commitment to service.

Service Pin Recipients:

Randy Alexander, Arthur Busby, Guadalupe Cardona, Alexander Eastman, Steven Eisenberg 

Michael Freeman, Kevin Navarro, Michael Norton, Ronald Pettie, Jerry Rhodes, Dwaine Sides

Crista Walker, Edward Weaver, Todd Weaver, Keith Wenzel, Alex Garcia, Hudson Hartson, 

Edwin Jones, Edward Kaplonski, Christopher Lamendola, Sally Lannom, Faroukh Mehkri

and Jeffery Metzger