Sons of the American Revolution Honor Senior Corporal Scott Bazan and Officer Tyler Remediz

On March 09, 2019, Senior Corporal Scott Bazan, #7527, and Officer Tyler Remediz, #9441, were recognized for their hard work within their community by the Sons of the American Revolution.  A breakfast ceremony was held in their honor at the Presbyterian Village North located in Dallas, Texas.

Senior Corporal Scott Bazan is a 21-year veteran of the department. He is currently assigned to the Crime Scene Response Section (CSRS). Senior Corporal Bazan has received specialized Crime Scene training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s academy. He continues to distinguish himself as a valuable asset to the unit and as a leader among his peers.

Officer Tyler Remediz is an Army veteran and a 10-year veteran of the department. Officer Remediz is currently assigned to the First Watch Central Deployment Unit where he serves as the Bait Car coordinator. Officer Remediz has received countless internal and external commendations for his hard work, teamwork, and dedication to service.

Congratulations to Police Officer Tyler Remediz and Senior Corporal Scott Bazan. Thank you for your hard work that has brought great credit to yourselves and the Dallas Police Department.