Theodore Roosevelt Award 2019

Each year the Theodore Roosevelt Association recognizes a Dallas Police Officer who has overcome a life threatening injury, illness, or other overwhelming obstacles and who demonstrates exceptional courage, determination, and perseverance while overcoming adversity and ultimately returning to serve with the department. This year, Officer Crystal Almeida Perez has been awarded the 21st Annual Theodore Roosevelt Police Award. 

On April 24, 2018, Officer Crystal Almeida, a four-year officer of the Dallas Police Department, was seriously injured in the line of duty while attempting to arrest a suspect. During the same tragic incident, Officer Rogelio Santander, Jr. was also shot and died as a result on April 25, 2018. Officer Almeida continues to be a vital member of the Dallas Police Department.

Due to the accident, Officer Almeida lost permanent sight in one of her eyes. She endures long, painful hours of physical therapy daily. Through it all, Officer Almeida continues to display the same high spirits she had prior to being shot. Officer Almeida’s fighting spirit was instrumental in her survival.

In July of 2018, Officer Almeida returned to duty with the Gang Unit. Her ability to return to work after such a devastating incident has earned her the respect and admiration of her fellow officers. Officer Almeida continues to perform her job at an exceptional level following a remarkable recovery.