April’s Officer of the Month – Senior Corporal Tracy Forsha, #9878

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The Dallas Community Police Awards Committee recognized Senior Corporal Tracy Forsha, #9878, as April’s Officer of the Month.  A luncheon ceremony was held in her honor at the Army and Air Force Exchange Service located at 3911 S. Walton Walker Boulevard, Dallas, Texas.

Senior Corporal Forsha is a nine-year veteran of the department and is currently assigned to the Open Records Unit.  During her career, Senior Corporal Forsha has been assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division, North Central Patrol Division, and the Southeast Patrol Division where she spent time as a Field Training Officer.

According to her supervisor, Sergeant Colton Johnson, Senior Corporal Tracy Forsha is an extremely dedicated officer and exemplifies teamwork daily. She has recently taken on the additional task of spearheading an effort by the Open Records Unit to train unit liaisons across the Department.  Senior Corporal Forsha is consistently being recruited by instructors to help teach classes to officers at the academy.  She has even gone so far as to pay for herself to attend a training seminar so that she can become a fully certified TCOLE instructor and teach a wide range of classes.

During the month of November 2018, Senior Corporal Forsha was instrumental when she was tasked by the Open Records Unit command staff to learn and then educate the entire unit on how to complete redactions. This unit wide effort was an unprecedented step to completely overhaul the Open Records Unit and create a more efficient system of processing record requests.  Senior Corporal Forsha jumped at the opportunity to help and quickly took on a leadership role by helping to ensure that everyone was fully trained within a matter of days.

This is just a few of the many examples of Senior Corporal Forsha’s abilities and desires to go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis.  Sergeant Colton sums it up best, “Senior Corporal Forsha is an extremely dedicated and hardworking officer. She continually displays her outstanding work ethic and dedication to her profession in all the duties and tasks she performs.”

Thank you, Senior Corporal Forsha, for bringing great credit to yourself and the Dallas Police Department.