Help Catch This Robbery Suspect


On March 26, 2019, at approximately 11:55 a.m., a Black male suspect robbed and assaulted an adult male victim in the 3800 block of Polk Street. The suspect and victim were on foot, the suspect walked passed the victim and asked for a cigarette. When the victim told the suspect he did not have one, the suspect began hitting, kicking and threw the victim on the ground, taking the victim’s wallet. There were two witnesses that chased the suspect into the Mobile gas station, located at 3803 Polk Street, in an attempt to catch the suspect. The suspect pulled a knife and stabbed one of the witnesses twice and then fled the scene. The robbery offense is documented on case number 059923-2019 and the aggravated assault is documented on case number 059935-2019.

Anyone with information regarding these offenses is encouraged to contact Detective R. Richeson with the Dallas Police Department’s Robbery Unit  at 214-671-3602.