UPDATE 7/12/2019 at 6:00 PM:

The Dallas Police Department is currently conducting a thorough investigation.  There have not been any officers placed on Administrative Leave or Restricted duty as a result of preliminary investigations. However, 34 officers have been identified by the Internal Affairs Division to provide statements regarding their individual posts as it relates to this investigation. After further investigation has been conducted, any future duty status of these employees will be made then. 

Original Post:

Nearly 200 Dallas Police Officers were recently identified by researchers with The Plain View Project (PVP) for allegedly posting hundreds of bigoted or violent posts on social media. This discovery prompted the Internal Affairs Division to conduct preliminary investigations.

The PVP identified 170 former and current officers who they deemed to have posted offensive   materials or comments on Facebook.

The department’s preliminary findings show that 25 officers posted or shared material that was determined to be a potential violation of DPD’s General Orders and/or Code of Conduct. Four of those officers have been placed on administrative leave based on the extreme nature of their posts.

Dallas Police Chief, U. Renee Hall said, “We take these matters seriously and we want to ensure the community that we will not tolerate racism, bigotry or hatred of any kind in our organization. The Dallas Police Department prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity while providing service to the community without prejudice.”

Throughout the investigations, DPD will continue to update the community on its findings.