Biggest Recruit Class Since 1991!

Today, the Dallas Police Department Recruit Class 367 started their first day of class. Class 367 has a total of 67 recruits, 65 are Dallas Police Recruits and two Dallas Fire-Rescue Arson Investigators. The last time the Dallas Police Academy had a class of this size was 28 years ago in 1991. Today, Class 367 received an abundance of information about the City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department.

Putting a class together requires teamwork from the Dallas Police Department Personnel and Support Bureau. There are many components that have to be met in order to process an applicant for an academy class. Our recruiters start the process with seeking out quality applicants. Once interest is gained from a potential applicant, the Applicant Processing Unit starts the testing process. The next step in the process is a background investigation. On average the entire hiring process takes between 3- 4 months. The Personnel and Support Bureau has worked tirelessly to bring the best people to the City of Dallas. The Department would like to wish our new recruits well as they begin their journey to become Dallas Police Officers.


I am proud of the entire team and all the hard work that went into making today a success.“ Major Irene I. Alanis