The City of Dallas is experiencing an increase in violent crime in 2019. The escalation of violence spiked during the month of May as murders were up over 100%. The Dallas Police Department created a summer crime reduction strategy to address this increase in violent crime. The strategy utilized crime analysis to identify target areas with the greatest concentration of violent offenses involving guns, gangs and drugs. The analysis identified eight specific target areas in the city. An area in the Southeast Patrol Division had the greatest number of violent crimes and was named as the number one target area for the crime reduction initiative.

The Dallas Police Department enlisted the help of additional law enforcement agencies to assist DPD in reducing violent crime in the target areas. At the request of the Dallas Police Chief and the direction of the governor, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has been providing direct support to the Dallas Police Department in their efforts to reduce violent crime and protect communities in and around Dallas.

Community members have recently expressed concerns about the increased police presence and number of traffic stops by DPS Troopers. Although there have been numerous traffic stops during this operation (approximately 9,000), less than seven percent have resulted in citations. The strategy and focus of this operation is to arrest violent individuals who are committing crimes involving gang activity, narcotics and guns. Should individuals have concerns or a complaint regarding an incident involving a DPS Trooper, they are encouraged to contact the DPS Office of Inspector General at 512-424-5017 or via email at InspectorGeneral@dps.texas.gov.

Thus far during this joint operation, in less than two months, DPS Troopers and Agents have seized more than 70 guns, over 37 pounds of Marijuana, approximately 0.5 pounds of Methamphetamine and over 1.5 pounds of Cocaine. Troopers have made more than 400 arrests and served more than 250 warrants in the concentrated area of operation.

During the month of July, the focus area of this operation at the Southeast Division has experienced a 29% reduction in violent crime. Although there have been major reductions in violent crime in this area, there is still work to do. Murder and Robbery offenses are still up 33% and 34% respectively in this area compared to 2018. Further, this area is still experiencing the highest volume of reported violent crime offenses of the targeted enforcement areas.

The Dallas Police Department appreciates the partnership and efforts of DPS to protect the residents of Dallas by combating violent crime and criminal activity.